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Improve Team Performance Effectively & Efficiently


TeamMATE is an online, self-directed evaluation tool that provides the easiest and most effective way to measure and develop teamwork skills.

Assess individual performance

Participants complete a Peer Assessment to evaluate each team member's contribution to the project. The assessment contains 13 items on which students anonymously rate themselves and each member of their team.

Measure team effectiveness

Participants also complete a Team Assessment to measure and improve team effectiveness. The assessment contains 37 items that cover both the team as a whole and each individual member.

Provide actionable feedback

After the Peer Assessment is complete, participants receive a report containing self-ratings, average peer ratings, and overall team averages for the three contribution dimensions.

Personalize the experience

TeamMATE allows you to customize the experience to your course and instructional approach to simplify grading and enhance learning. 

Assess & Develop Time Management Skills

CapsimInbox: Time Management

CapsimInbox exposes learners to real-world scenarios in a familiar email environment, objectively measures the effectiveness of their decision-making, and provides actionable feedback for personal development. 

Foster Self-Awareness 

Participants start with a short self-assessment to rate their perceived skills levels. Self rating are later compared to their performance in the simulation. 

Measure Knowledge Application 

Participants then enter a simulated ‘day in the life’ experience where they are assessed as they gather information and respond to real-world situations via emails and instant messages. 

Provide Actionable Feedback 

Participants get instant, meaningful, and objective insights into their skills levels along with developmental tactics to facilitate growth. 

Guide Future Development

Participants are guided through the creation of an Individual Development Plan, consisting of S.M.A.R.T goals and initiatives that will improve their weakest areas.

A Virtual Escape Room with a Business Twist

CapsimInbox: Escape Room

Learn More About This VersionLearn More About This Version

CapsimInbox: Escape Room is an engaging group activity -- perfect for group orientations. Bring teams together while exposing them to fundamental business concepts in a quick and fun virtual escape room.