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The Easiest Way to Assess & Develop Soft Skills

CapsimInbox: People Management is a personnel management simulation that assesses key soft skills and provides tailored developmental feedback to improve them in under 60 minutes.

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Participants experience a day in the life of a manager as they respond to various situations, via emails and instant messages, across four common personnel management areas:

  • Structuring Work
  • Acquiring Talent
  • Managing Talent
  • Rewarding Performance

Real-world People Management Decisions

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Develop a Plan for Success

Participants are also given the opportunity to complete a self-guided process that creates an individual development plan by incorporating tactics with the creation of SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time-bound).

Build Accurate Self Awareness

A feedback report is generated so that participants can obtain a clear picture of their current levels of soft skills proficiency, as well as identify areas in continued need for improvement. The feedback report discloses several scores including:

  • Overall Performance – percentile score compared to the population.
  • Developmental Index – describes general skill proficiency.
  • Self-Awareness Score – reflects the accuracy of the self-assessment.
  • Individual Skill Scores – percentile scores for performance on stimuli relating to the five soft skills.
  • Developmental Tactics – evidence-based recommendations for skill improvement.

Assess & Develop Key Soft Skills

CapsimInbox assesses participants' soft skills proficiency by presenting them with the following four categories of situations and problems:

  • Just Read (“FYI”) – no response required.
  • Read and Choose – participants choose among predetermined response options.
  • Research and Choose – require searching for a particular piece of information.
  • Synthesize and Choose – require searching for multiple pieces of information.