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As a freelance designer working on multiple on-going projects with four companies and various potential new clients, students are presented with a variety of scenarios that assess how effectively their decisions structure, protect and adjust their time resources to changing environmental conditions. 

These scenarios are designed to measure students' time management skills and tendencies:

  • Awareness - recognizing the amounts, limits and realistic uses of time-based resources.
  • Arrangement - designing and organizing plans, goals, schedules and tasks in order effectively use time.
  • Adaptation - monitoring the use of time while performing activities and effectively allocating attention and effort.
  • Procrastination - delaying or completely avoiding activities that are under one's control.
  • Prioritization - emphasizing or putting first activities that are both important and urgent.


Discipline: Time Management

Skills Measured: Awareness, Arrangement, Adaptation, Procrastination, Prioritization.

Role: Freelance designer with projects spanning graphic design, websites and user interfaces.

Responsibilities: Manage on-going projects with four companies while responding to a variety of situations, problems and information related to time management and productivity.

Author: Capsim



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Improve your students' time management skills in just 30 minutes. 

CapsimInbox is a microsimulation platform that helps you effectively engage, measure, and develop your learners.

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CapsimInbox immerses learners in real-world scenarios and measures critical time management skills. 

Create meaningful learning experiences that prepare your learners for career success.

Foster Self-Awareness

Participants start with a short self-assessment to rate their perceived skills levels. Self ratings are later compared to their performance in the simulation.

Skills Measured: Awareness, Arrangement, Adaptation, Procrastination, Prioritization

Measure Knowing & Doing

Participants then enter a simulated 'day in the life' experience where they are assessed as they gather information and respond to real-world situations via emails and instant messages. 


Provide Actionable Feedback

Participants get instant, meaningful and objective insights into their skill levels along with developmental tactics to facilitate growth.


Instructors love CapsimInbox because it's...


An intuitive, high-fidelity experience mimics real-world situations and communication.

Quick & Easy

CapsimInbox is self-directed with the average experience lasting 45 minutes.


Use it as homework, an interactive case study, and/or an assessment.

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