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Bridge the Knowing-Doing Gap

Bridge the Knowing-Doing Gap of Business Strategy

Provide students with the practical experience of running a business in a competitive marketplace -- without the real-world risk -- along with the opportunity to practice the cross-functional decision-making skills required for career success.

A modern and interactive interface engages students while a streamlined user experience guides them through the entire learning process, from decision-making to round analysis. Capstone students experience the immediate impact of their decisions through an innovative auto-recalculation feature.

The Capstone Course Bundle combines the Capstone business strategy simulation and a comprehensive eTextbook containing several resources to help students understand key business concepts, develop team dynamics, and make connections to real-world business decisions.

The automated debrief tool highlights critical information. Shareable with students, it's now easier than ever to offer students insight and create teachable moments. The integrated gradebook provides convenient access to individual student results to further capitalize on developmental opportunities.

Capstone's notification system provides students with real-time feedback and assistance with their decisions, helping them focus on business learning while avoiding common pitfalls and clerical errors.

Capstone allows you to meet the developmental needs of every student through its accessible design. The simulation meets American with Disabilities Act (ADA) Standards and is WCAG 2.0 / AA Certified.

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Simplify the Learning Experience

Create a Comprehensive Learning Environment

Debrief Students at a Glance

Avoid Pitfalls in Real-time

Make Learning Accessible

Onboard Students Faster

Capstone's multi-level training ensures students understand the simulation and prepares them to make smart business decisions in under 60 minutes. Students spend more time integrating theory and practice rather than learning the technical aspects of the simulation.

Challenge students to apply the knowledge learned across all disciplines of business

Capstone allows you to integrate custom learning modules containing key decisions and corresponding company impacts that tailor the simulation experience and provide depth into the themes, topics, and objectives that matter most to you.

Tailor the Learning Experience

Capstone integrates with the leading Learning Management Systems to streamline administration processes and increase productivity by providing Single Sign-On (SSO) for students as well as gradebook and group synchronization for instructors.

Streamline Administration

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Custom Module

Custom Module

5/5 - Capstone is best suited for advanced business and strategy courses, such as Strategic Management, Capstone courses, or MBA programs.


Market Segments


Capstone allows students to make business decisions across five product segments: Traditional, Low End, High End, Performance, Size.


5 - 8

Capstone students begin the simulation with 5 products. Students can retire products or introduce new products until they reach the maximum of 8.

Simulation Specifications