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The immersive and experiential simulation to bring business learning to life.

Give your students the opportunity to put business theory into practice by making real-world decisions in a safe, competitive and fun learning environment.

Students begin by analyzing the industry, the markets and their competition by reading reports.

Students use the information gathered to formulate a business strategy to grow their business.

1. Analyze

2. Formulate

3. Execute

Students execute key decisions across the major functions of a business: R&D, Marketing, Production, Finance.

Do you want to build your own module?

Build custom simulation decisions and impacts to create a learning experience that fits your needs. Request a demo to learn more.

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Here's how it works.

  Capstone 2.0 places students in the role of executive management at a multi-million dollar company, competing directly against other real or simulated teams to grab market share and grow their business.

Personalize the learning experience.

Integrate custom modules containing key decisions and corresponding impacts to tailor the simulation experience around the themes, topics, and objectives that matter most to you.

Simplify the learning experience.

Capstone 2.0 boasts an intuitive and streamlined user experience with a plethora of features to guide students so you can focus more time and energy on the things that matter most to you.


Simulation specifications.

Capstone 2.0 is ideal for Capstone and Strategic Management courses as it challenges your students to apply the knowledge they've learned across all disciplines of business.


Market Segments: 5

Products: 5-8

International Market: No

Scoring Method: Balanced Scorecard

Ideal Courses: Capstone & Strategic Management


Student Experience

Streamlined onboarding

Gets students ready to make informed business decisions in as little as 45 minutes.

User-centered design

Offers an intuitive and streamlined interface to make decision-making a breeze.

Real-time alerts

Keep students from making critical errors and falling into common pitfalls.


Provides students with the immediate impact of their decisions.

Instructor Experience

Automated Debriefs

Highlight critical information from every round to guide future decision-making.

Integrated Gradebook

Provides easy access to individual student results to capitalize on learning opportunities.

LMS Integration

Streamlines administration and boosts productivity with Single Sign-On (SSO) for students.

ADA Compliance

Ensures accessibility standards are met to answer the learning needs of every student.


Prepare your students for career success.

Provide a safe learning environment

Bridge the gap between theory and practice

Increase student engagement

Encourage real-world perspective

Unlock personalized learning

Our methodology follows one simple principle: students learn best by doing. While career readiness and student engagement are at an all-time low, Capstone 2.0 is built with this principle at its core to enable you to...


Bridge the knowing-doing gap.

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Create a comprehensive learning environment.

We offer two different textbook bundles, each with supplemental materials and resources, you can pair with the Capstone 2.0 business simulation to create an effective learning experience at an affordable price.

Capstone Course Bundle

Comprehensive Business Review: Concepts and Cases with Capstone Business Simulation


Strategic Management Bundle

Strategic Management: Value Creation, Sustainability, and Performance (Fifth Edition)