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CapsimGlobal’s self-directed training module gets students up the learning curve and making smart business decisions in under 60 minutes. Students spend more time putting theory into practice rather than learning the technical aspects of the simulation.

An intuitive interface and streamlined user experience guide students through the entire learning experience, from decision-making to round analysis.

Students have the ability to choose from three countries to set up shop, each with benefits and drawbacks such as varying defect rates, tariffs and shipping costs.

Department consultants offer guidance throughout the simulation experience to keep students on track and making smart business decisions.

Have any questions? No problem. A Capsim Client Relationship Consultant is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

The automated debrief tool highlights critical information. Shareable with students, it's now easier than ever to offer students insight into their performance and create teachable moments.

Experience Business Strategy on a Global Stage

CapsimGlobal is a self-directed, simple and powerful simulation that brings students together to experience business strategy on a global stage.


Introduce Your Students to International Business

Onboard students faster

Simplify the learning experience

Provide a global experience

Receive personalized help

Debrief students at a glance

Introduce students to the connectivity, variety and moving parts of global business

3/5 - CapsimGlobal is best suited for entry-level and intermediate business courses and programs with an international focus, such as International Business.


Market Segments


CapsimGlobal allows students to make business decisions across two product segments: Low Tech and High Tech.


1 - 4

CapsimGlobal students begin the simulation with 1 product and can introduce new products until they reach the maximum of 4.

Simulation Specifications