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Our U.S. Business Partners

Steven Cavaleri
Business Simulation Laboratories, LLC
9 Austin Drive Suite #203
Marlborough, CT 06447
Phone: 860.613.5971

Email: cavaleri@sbcglobal.net

What are Capsim U.S. Business Partners?

Capsim Business Partners are certified trainers and consulting companies providing learning solutions with a proven track record. Partners leverage Capsim's simulation-based tools to ensure training relevancy and employee engagement while focusing on your specific learning objectives.


As much as 80 percent of corporate training is wasted because there is no connection to employees' jobs. Capsim Business Partners incorporate experiential learning simulations that immerse employees in real-world business scenarios and provide a safe learning environment that eliminates the risks associated with on-the-job training.

Capsim Business Partners leverage Capsim's 35+ years of experience building experiential learning and development programs. 


Favor employee competency over training completion with experiential learning simulations that achieve demonstrable and measurable goals of learning. Capsim Business Partners are certified to use the same business simulations and assessments used annually by over 135,000 learners in more than 900 organizations worldwide.


While Chief Learning Officers can struggle to close the loop and prove ROI on employee development, Capsim Business Partners provide a platform for employees to demonstrate their competencies, allowing you to measure the direct impact and value of your training initiatives.

James V. Caruso
4431 Hopkins Lane
Haddonfield, NJ 08033
Phone: 609.634.0420

Email: jamescaruso100@gmail.com

Sebastian Hernandez
Ignite with Sebastian
2314 SW 81st Way
North Lauderdale, FL 33068
Phone: 619.931.3120

Email: sebastian@letgoandhavefaith.com

Shelon Pounds
ESHELON Business Academy
4737 North Ocean Drive
Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, FL 33308
Phone: 216.246.3459

Email: shelon@eshelonacademy.com

Dr. L. Todd Thomas
Impact Consulting & Development, LLC
3409 Lancaster Street
Midland, MI 49642
Phone: 989.495.8280

Email: DrTodd@LeadershipStillMatters.com

Dr. Doreen McGunagle
Global Strategic Management Solutions, Inc.
4440 PGA Blvd. Suite 600
Palm Beach Garden, FL 33460
Phone: 561.310.7537
Email: dmcgunagle@gmail.com

Upgrade the learning experience.


Business Simulations

Comprehensive experiences in which participants run a simulated firm, make real-world, cross-functional decisions and compete against others to grab market share and grow their business.



Condensed ‘day in the life’ experiences that expose participants to real-world situations while measuring their ability to gather information and make key decisions. 



Participants complete simulation-based assessments that measure key 'soft' and quantitative skills to accurately identify skills gaps, establish learning objectives, and guide program design.

In addition to affordable license fees, our Business Partner Program provides resources to help you get up an running in no time.

Streamline Program Development & Delivery

Online Training

Unlimited technical support

Program marketing materials and support 

Demo decks and delivery guides 

Agendas and logistic materials

Logos and branding guides 

Increase Your Training Effectiveness

Immerse participants in real-world business scenarios.

Measure & Develop the Skills that Matter

Achieve demonstrable and measurable goals of learning.

Maximize ROI for Clients

Measure the direct impact and value of training.

As a Capsim Business Partner, you'll combine your expertise with our simulation-based learning solutions to create relevant and engaging experiences that are easy-to-deliver, scale with each opportunity and effectively drive the learning outcomes that matter.  


Are you ready to deliver experiential corporate training?

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