A Better Way to Teach Strategic Management.

Bridge the knowing-doing gap by bundling Rothaermel’s Strategic Management 5e eText with Capsim’s Capstone Strategy Simulation

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The Digital Bundle includes an eText version of Strategic Management 5e and the Capstone Business Simulation.

I'm thrilled to pair the third edition of Strategic Management with the market-leading strategy simulation, Capstone. This  discounted, all-digital bundle allows students and professional learners to bridge the knowing and doing gap and positions them for a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

- Frank T. Rothaermel
Author, Strategic Management

A Word From the Author

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The Competitive Advantage


Students need the opportunity to utilize their knowledge and analytical skills to implement a strategy. Give your students a competitive advantage by combining two leading resources used in strategy instruction.

Applying Rothaermel's AFI Framework to Capstone

See How Frank Integrates the Bundle Into His Course

Learn how Strategic Management 5e author, Frank T. Rothaermel, bridges the knowing-doing gap by integrating Capsim’s Capstone simulation into his courses. Dr. Rothaermel outlines how he effectively connects the acquired knowledge gained from his texbook with its application in Capstone.


Participants begin by analyzing the industry, the markets and their competition by reading reports.

Participants use the information gathered to formulate a business strategy to grow their business.

1. Analyze

2. Formulate

3. Execute

Participants execute key decisions across the four major functions: R&D, Marketing, Production, Finance

Bring strategic management to life.

Capstone places individuals in the role of executive management at a multi-million dollar company, competing directly against other real or simulated teams to grab market share and grow their business.