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Capsim offers a suite of solutions to improve the relevancy and effectiveness of your business school curriculum.

Simplify Learning Outcomes Assessment

We offer several assessments to create a standardized reporting process for instructors while compiling uniformed learning outcomes assessment data that is already aligned with each course's specific learning objectives.

Spend More Time on What Matters Most

Our simulation-based learning solutions integrate with the leading Learning Management Systems to streamline administration processes and increase productivity by providing Single Sign-On (SSO) for students as well as gradebook and group synchronization for instructors.

Develop the Critical Skills Needed for Career Success

Behavioral skills -- such as leading, communicating, prioritizing and problem-solving -- are recognized by hiring organizations as the most valued, yet least common, in job candidates today. Capsim offers several experiential learning solutions to objectively and efficiently measure and develop the skills most critical to career success.

Capsim Across the Curriculum

Streamline Your Entire Curriculum 

Integrate Capsim's experiential learning solutions across your business curriculum to unify and enhance the student learning experience, standardize and simplify learning outcomes assessment, and develop the skills most critical to your students' career success.

Prepare Your Graduates for Career Success