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The CapsimInbox Process


Inbox Simulation

Feedback Report +
Skill Builder

Describes the scenario and gets participants familiar with the simulation.

Self Assessment
Participants evaluate their perceived levels of skill.

Inbox Simulation
Participants experience a day in the life of a manager by responding to a variety of situations, problems, and information.

Managerial Skill Profile
Objective feedback describing overall managerial effectiveness and specific skill proficiencies.

Skill Awareness
Feedback describing the accuracy of their self awareness and progress toward professional development.

Individual Development Plan
A guided process that builds a development plan tailored to their unique developmental needs.

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Dr. Erich Dierdorff provides the very first showcase of CapsimInbox and discusses the various ways it can be used.

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See how CapsimInbox can prepare participants for career success

Choose the edition that aligns with the area of decision-making you want to focus on.

Participants respond to a variety of situations, problems, and information often experienced by managers on a daily basis.

Ensure Future Success for Your Students 

Surveys of corporate recruiters consistently show there is a strong desire in employers for skills such as leadership, problem solving, initiative, and communication. However, these very same skills are rare and underdeveloped in college graduates today. CapsimInbox bridges the gap to ensure future career success in our students. 

CapsimInbox is a powerful and flexible simulation-based assessment platform. We are creating multiple editions that focus on various areas of managerialdecision making. Our current editions include:

Participants deal with various situations and problems that span four key types of people management practices:

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The Easiest Way to Assess & Develop Soft Skills

CapsimInbox is a simulation-based assessment that measures the key soft skills employers look for in job candidates while providing the critical feedback needed for individual development.

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Assess & Develop Key Soft Skills

 CapsimInbox assesses participants' soft skills proficiency by presenting them with the following four categories of situations and problems:

  • Just Read (“FYI”) – no response required.
  • Read and Choose – participants choose among predetermined response options.
  • Research and Choose – require searching for a particular piece of information.
  • Synthesize and Choose – require searching for multiple pieces of information.

Build Accurate Self Awareness

A feedback report is generated so that participants can obtain a clear picture of their current levels of soft skills proficiency, as well as identify areas in continued need for improvement. The feedback report discloses several scores including:

  • Overall Performance – percentile score compared to the population.
  • Developmental Index – describes general skill proficiency.
  • Self-Awareness Score – reflects the accuracy of the self-assessment.
  • Individual Skill Scores – percentile scores for performance on stimuli relating to the five soft skills.
  • Developmental Tactics – evidence-based recommendations for skill improvement.

Develop a Plan for Success

Participants are also given the opportunity to complete a self-guided process that creates an individual development plan by incorporating tactics with the creation of SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time-bound).

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Participants are placed in a simulated managerial role where they experience a day in the life of a manager by responding to an array of stimuli in the form of emails, instant messages and shared files, all of which represent the main form of digital communication in today’s work environment.

Real-world Management Decisions