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Onboard Faster

Students are ready to make informed decisions in less than 45 minutes. Through video and assessment, CapsimCore students spend more time putting theory into practice rather than learning the technical aspects of the simulations.

Score with Ease

Students earn stars through sustainable growth, round after round. CapsimCore’s simple scoring is based on improvement in five categories: Sales, Profit, Stock Price, Contribution Margin and Emergency Loans.

Centralize Business Learning

Additional resources such as our fundamentals textbook, end-of-chapter quizzes, and the ability to design your own quizzes creates a central location for all your learning resources.

Create Your Own Experience

With a flip of the switch you can automate department decisions, aligning CapsimCore with your course objectives.

Simplify Decisions

Students can complete rounds in as little as 15 minutes. The intuitive interface provides the information needed to make decisions and eliminates simple mistakes that can derail the game.

Debrief at a Glance

The automated debrief tool highlights critical information. Shareable with students, it’s now easier than ever to offer students insight and create teachable moments

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CapsimCore better prepares students for career success by providing them with an opportunity to learn through experience earlier in their college career.