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Accreditation & Assessment Webinar Series

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Dr. Erich Dierdorff is a management professor in the Driehaus College of Business at DePaul University in Chicago. His published work has appeared in leading management journals such as Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Management, Journal of Applied Psychology, Personnel Psychology, and The Leadership Quarterly, among others. He has also contributed to numerous industry and press outlets, such as Harvard Business Review, Business Week, the Financial Times, the Chronicle of Higher Education, and the Washington Post.

Among his areas of research are topics such as behavioral assessment, individual learning, team effectiveness, and team training. In addition to research, Dr. Dierdorff has consulted to numerous organizations on issues of team leadership and team effectiveness, including General Electric, Nortel Networks, the U.S. Navy Seals, the U.S. Army Special Operations Command, and the National Football League.

Part 1: Hard Measures for ‘Soft Skill’ Learning Goals

Part 2: We Know They Know It, But Can They Do It?

Part 3: Getting More Out of Group Projects

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Part 4: How to Leverage Feedback for Leadership Development 

Best Practices for Integrating Simulation-Based Learning

We’ve collected the outcomes and analyzed the data. We’ve summarized the results and set our comparative benchmarks. We also know that ‘closing the loop’ is the sine qua non of assurance of learning for accreditation — yet, it is one of the most challenging aspects of the accreditation process.

So, how do we best accomplish this? How do we ensure that we are drawing justifiable, evidence-based conclusions? What kinds of interventions are available and practical to implement? How do we overcome the obstacles that often confront us when we strive to use learning assessment to enhance educational quality?

Join Dr. Erich Dierdorff as he discusses answers to these key questions. From the webinar you will learn about various approaches to interpret your program’s results, link these findings to a variety of available interventions, and address common obstacles that impede program improvement.

Part 5: A Crash Course in Program Evaluation

Capsim360 is an innovative multisource assessment that allows a business school to measure the soft skills needed to ensure its graduates' success beyond the classroom. This online survey provides insightful data that institutions can use for accreditation and students can use for professional development.

Comp-XM closes the knowing-doing gap by assessing a student’s individual ability to apply what they have learned in their coursework. Four rounds of business simulation decisions coupled with board queries after each round require students to draw on their complete business knowledge and abilities in each functional area.

TeamMATE is an easy-to-use, online tool that provides an efficient and effective way to collect quality data about individual and team performance. Based on the science of team performance and backed by decades of research, TeamMATE simplifies grading for professors and enhances learning for students.

Part 6: Tips For Effective Assessment Documentation 

Part 7: From Results to Reports: Compliance and Beyond 

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Part 8: From Results to Action: The What, When, and How of Learning Interventions

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